Jul 28, 2014

My DIY Weekend

I had quite the DIY weekend despite being alone with the kids most of the weekend.  These weren't huge time consuming projects but just taking a shower with these little monsters around is a huge accomplishment.  I know I don't have to explain this to the other mommies out there.  Back to my weekend... I have to say, I have had the Pinterest itch for the last few weeks.  It comes and goes but this time it's sticking around for awhile.  I picked out the fabric for my "no sew" wingback chair makeover last week.  I nervous about that project because that fabric is not cheap!  I have been planning all the details for my guest/kids bathroom makeover.  I'll have to wait till after our vacation next month to pull the trigger on a project like that.  My weekend projects weren't anything big and they weren't really planned.  
Project 1: Powder Room Bathroom Mirror
When we moved in it was a gaudy gold so I painted it.  The problem was I didn't grab the color I wanted and it turned out to be this weird silver/gray color. Here is the link to my original post (link).  It was supposed to be a bronze color to match most of the fixtures in the powder room.  This time I decided to just paint it silver and plan to purchase a different style mirror in the near future.   I honestly just felt like spray painting something fast and easy and the mirror was the perfect item.  The funny thing is, the original color would probably look fine in my bathroom.  Here are some pics of how it looked when we moved in, after the first paint job and now. 
Original gold color

First paint job.  Mirror wasn't dirty just had tape goo on it still.
bathroom mirror, spray painting mirror
Current color.  I think it will look nice if I move into my bedroom closet.  
Project 2:  Oversized Print Wall Art
My next project started with a simple email I received from Office Max.  I remembered a Pinterest project I had saved a year ago about having engineer size prints made and attaching them to foam board or wood.  I decided to start with the foam board for now and work my way up to wood after I know what I'm doing.  Here is the original link if you're interested (Link).  I ordered the prints  online and picked them up the next day.  Tip: Order the standard paper weight.  I ordered the heavier paper for the color photo I had enlarged and it was a bit more difficult to wrap around board and it didn't look any better but it costs me $27... I paid $7.80 for the 2 large black & white 41x41 inch prints.  I had a difficult time finding foam board at Walmart for this size but I know for sure that Office Max had the right size.  I ended up having to wrap the print around the board in the end. I bought a spray adhesive to attach the photo to the board (see photo below).  I was terrified to use it at first but it was very easy and didn't create any bubbles or wrinkles in the paper.  I also ordered a large color print of the kids but I am not too happy with how it looks.  I will have it redone in a landscape position.  By the way, to have this print blown up on canvas was going to cost me over $75.  Here is how this one turned out.
oversized prints, wall art, creative wall decor
I planned on putting it above our bed but it wasn't large enough.  I will either keep it here and add more large ones or add it to our bedroom wall with small photos around it.

This was $10 at Office Max but I saw it for $7 at Walmart.  
Project 3:  Operation Playroom
This wasn't really a project as it was more of adding elements to create a bit of an education station on one side of the room.  I've been wanting to order alphabet decals but never got around to actually doing it.  I saw some of these letters and numbers at the Dollar Store and decided to buy them to see how they look.  I have to say, for $2 I am okay with it.  This playroom is a work in progress.   I have so many plans for it but it's not my main focus right now.  Soon.   

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Jul 21, 2014

The Helmet Life - Max's Plagiocephaly Adventure

cranial helmet

Max's helmet journey has been going a lot better than we expected.  His first full day was a little rough but after that he adjusted to it quite well and has even been sleeping better at night.  His sisters think it is the cutest thing and love to help me decorate it with stickers every other week.  We have gone out in public quite a few times and we have had other people share there experiences with family members having to wear a helmet.  We've even had people ask us where we purchased it because they want one for their children or grandchildren for safety reasons.  ha ha ha  

Jun 26, 2014

Helmet Day

Today we picked up Max's helmet.  We spent a little over an hour in the office getting it to fit just right.  He was very fussy and wasn't happy with all the adjustments that needed to be made.  I think he was just sleepy.  By the end of our appointment he was a bit more calm and let me keep the helmet on him for the entire ride home.  The schedule is as follows:
Day 1:  Wear helmet on 3 separate occasions in 1 hour intervals.  Check for signs of redness that do not disappear in 30-45 minutes.
Day 2: Wear helmet 3 times but for 2 hours each time.  Again, check for signs of redness that do not disappear in 30-45 minutes.
Day 3: Wear 3 times a day but for 3 hours each time.  Again with the redness checks.
Day 4:  Day four begins full time use.  Helmet will be worn every day for approximately 22-23 hours each day.  Helmet should be removed every 3-4 hours to check skin for redness.   We will begin with him napping in the helmet before he begins sleeping in it overnight.  

plagiocephaly, cranial helmet, starband

As of last week Max's official measurements are:
Circumference: 42.8
M-L: 12.2
A-P: 14.7
CI: 82.9%
RT Ant to LT Post: 15.0
LT Ant to RT Post: 13.7
Asymmetry CV: 13

We go back one week from today for a checkup and then we will be going back monthly till he graduates.  Max is expected to be in his helmet for 3-6 months.  

Jun 21, 2014

Getting Plastered ... Max's Plagiocephaly Journey

On Tuesday, June 17th, we took Max to have the cast made for his cranial helmet.  This was the visit that made it all very real.  I couldn't believe this was really happening.  I know he will be fine and I know he will get used to his helmet but as his mother I can't help but feel guilty.  I know this was completely out of my control but my heart still hurts for him.  No matter what I will always feel like maybe I could have done something different while I was carrying him to prevent it from happening.  Silly, I know.   

Jun 20, 2014

Let Me Start From the Beginning... (Max's Plagiocephaly Journey)

The second they handed Max over to me I knew something wasn't quite right.  Don't get me wrong, I was completely elated to finally have this beautiful little boy in my arms and to me he was perfect but I knew to the rest of the world he wouldn't be.  I immediately noticed that the right side of his forehead bulged out a bit more than the rest.  Another feature that alarmed me was the raised, hard edge across the top of his head.  After bringing him home from the hospital we also noticed that his right ear was pushed forward and lower than the left and the top of his head had an unusual slant to it.   We met with his pediatrician who didn't seem very worried at the time and told us we would look into it more after his 2 month appointment.  I went home feeling better for a few days but then made another appointment to see his pediatrician again.  This time she said she noticed what we were concerned about and if we wanted to see a specialist she could give us some referrals.  While we waited for his appointment with a neurosurgeon we did what we could to try and fix the problem on our own.  We made sure he rested his head on a Boppy Noggin at all times, put him on his belly as much as possible, switched the sides he slept on in his crib and woke up many times in the middle of the night to turn his head off the "flat" side. 


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