Hand -D

The Hand- D is the handiest gadget around, especially in this world of pandemic that we are living in! The Hand-D gadget allows you to D-Fend yourself, and steer clear from touching contaminated surfaces. Now more than ever people are more aware about the presence of germs and viruses on surfaces that we interact with on a day-to-day basis. In a time where minimizing the spread of a virus is crucial, the Hand- D is crucial to have! It is a retractable anti-microbial hook that kills germs and viruses.

This durable gadget is made from Copper Alloy, which has anti-microbial properties that work towards these killing viruses and germs within 4 hours. The handiness of the Hand-D doesn’t stop just there, and also has a retractable hook that extends in and out, so that the germs and viruses stay inside the case and do not contaminate you or other surfaces. The gadget has a little nub that works on touchscreens, elevator buttons, ATM buttons, and beyond.

The Design Team Behind the Product Development

Spark Innovations worked on engineering915亚博 , concept refinement, detailed915亚博 and sketches,ag新亚博 , refining the mechanical design and structure of the product, and88亚博 .

Make it more convenient on yourself and be handy with the help of the Hand-D!Get yours today!