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Seeking Patents in Toronto? Let Spark Innovations Help

If you are looking forag亚博 , Spark Innovations has what you need. Our team ofag新亚博 knows the patent process inside out and, in conjunction with our patent agents and attorneys, will help you through the many steps involved in patent registration.

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Patents Toronto

Patent Services in Toronto and Beyond

We have along track recordof securing patents for inventors, whether they are based here in Toronto or elsewhere. In fact, we have successfully filed over 250 US patents.

When we first meet with you, we will describe the entire patenting process so you understand the various steps involved. We will also sign anon-disclosure agreementso you feel completely secure working with us.

The process begins with a patent search to ensure your idea doesn’t already exist. If you are applying for a patent in multiple countries, we will ensure searches are conducted in each of them. We will also help you decided between a provisional patent and a utility patent. The former provides the familiar “patent pending” phrase but will not become an issued patent unless you file a utility patent within a year. We invite you to read our blog post onprovisional and utility patentsfor more detailed information.

Patent Services Toronto

Whether you decide on a provisional or utility application, you will need drawings. With our background inag新亚博 and product development, we have the expertise to create detailed patent drawings that conform to the very specific rules laid out by the patent office. We will begin with sketches and then transform them into 2D drawings that show your invention from every angle, including exploded views.

While a picture might be worth a thousand words, your patent application cannot rely on images alone. Our team will help you craft a clear description of what your invention does and how it works. Patent applications must include a brief overview, called an abstract, a full description, and accurate claims about the product’s functionality. It takes a certain skill set to write a patent description, and our team has the experience and in-depth knowledge to do it right.

To learn more about filing for patents with our Toronto office,contact usnow for a free consultation.